Why use a specialist Health Insurance Broker?

A health insurance broker can find the most appropriate insurance for your needs and budget, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t try and source this on your own.

  • A real person who will research the market not an algorithm
  • Knowledge, expertise, and an understanding of the market
  • Uncomplicated advice and someone to guide you through the process
  • A product tailored to your needs rather than an off the shelf plan
  • Making sure you understand what is available and more importantly what you have bought

What is the importance of using a health insurance broker?

Looking for the best insurance can be mind boggling, there are many different options out there from the different providers.  If you haven’t got a basic understanding of private healthcare, then researching the various options can be very time consuming not to mention having to have the same conversation multiple times with various insurers. A healthcare broker will undertake all this hard work for you and then only talk to you about a product that is right for you.

Get expert advice on your private medical insurance from a reputable company

When you go directly to an insurer, they will only be able to provide advice on their product. A knowledgeable broker will be able to give expert and unbiased advice on a range of policies and providers. When doing, this your broker should be checking your medical history prior to obtaining quotations for you.

Providing uncomplicated advice

A good broker will help you understand all the jargon and help you understand the finer details of the policy. Helping you to understand what is and isn’t covered. So that you are left confident that you know what you are buying and the helping you understand the sales and renewal process.

Compare the market

A broker will research the healthcare market and provide you with various quotes however they will make a recommendation of which is the best policy to meet your needs. This is known as an advised sale which is important. If you are just provided with various quotes and told to choose one you haven’t gained anything from using a broker.

They will ensure you are not only getting value for money but also the right policy for you.  This process will also be repeated at renewal to ensure your plan is still cost effective and more importantly it still meets your needs.

Ongoing support

A broker will support and guide you through the claims process. It can often be hard to navigate around the claims process and often what leaves a bad taste with consumers who have maybe had a bad experience with health insurers in the past.  A broker will help make this process stress fee and intervene where necessary.


If you are thinking about health insurance, then get in touch and speak to an expert today.

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