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Our Investment Approach

Our clients understand that guaranteed, risk-free investments don’t exist, but recognize that our trusted, well-informed advice gives you the best chance of protecting and growing your assets, to give you the financial security you and your family want.

At SBN Wealth Management we combine our experience, skill and judgment with powerful computer based research tools, to create a personal investment solution for all types of portfolios, utilizing different asset classes, time horizons and risk profiles.

We believe the most important aspect of the investment process is asset allocation, which takes into account the immediate and predicted economic climate, risk tolerance and your capacity to absorb any losses.

Below are the steps that we follow when creating our portfolios, with the overriding aim of producing consistent long term sustainable returns.

Once we have constructed your portfolio, you will receive regular, detailed statements showing whether things are on track or if changes are needed.

Whilst no-one can ever time the markets perfectly, you can be confident that our combination of experience, expertise, research and sound advice gives you the best chance of achieving the returns you desire.

Our approach to asset allocation & fund selection

Objective Setting

It is vital that before any potential investment is considered, a discussion to define what your financial objectives are both now and in the future takes place.

Risk Profiling

There are three components that make up a client’s risk profile, based upon your market view, risk tolerance and capacity to absorb losses when they occur.

Strategic Asset Allocation

We believe that asset allocation is the most important aspect of the investment process, so we take into account the immediate and predicted economic climate, as well as risk tolerance, to come up with a suitable blend of options.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Through actively constructing the portfolio and when necessary rebalancing the percentage of assets held in various categories, we can take advantage of market pricing anomalies or buoyant market sectors, allowing us to generate value.

Fund Selection

This remains an important part of the investment process and using our analytical tools, we rate funds using quantitative and qualitative factors.


Once investment advice is applied to a strategy, we see regular reviews as being an important part of our process, giving rise to a higher chance of success.

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